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ZHENG KAI (4 Sept 2013)

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The Virtuous Queen of Han (大汉贤后卫子夫), EP28

That girl back then, the one that you can’t forget all along, who was also the one you knew from childhood times, was me? So all those years of separation, when I’ve become someone’s wife and mother, you still can’t let it go?

If those that day at the wine inn, we have recognized each other, if that time at Pingyang Residence, I have met you before the Emperor, then you wouldn’t have been doted on. (Duan Hong)

If? Duan Dage, everything has already happened, how is there an “if?”

I wish Duan Dage let go of this cherished [memory] and find a new person to share your life with.

By the way, 木梳 wooden comb is a popular gift in ancient China for lovers. Even today in some areas of China, men giving ladies wooden combs as gifts is a way of showing love, especially during Qixi festival .

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